Supervisions: Locations of Rooms

For supervisions on Zoom, the link can be found on this page. (Requires Raven login.)

Easter Term 2021

From 17th May supervisions will be on Zoom by default---the link is above---but may be in person if all the students in the group prefer it. All in-person supervisions with me will be in A45, Selwyn. Details follow.


You need to be self-sufficient. You must bring...

You can use an electronic device for the paperwork. If you do then make sure that it has enough charge to last the supervision.


A45, Selwyn

Go through the main entrance into Selwyn College, turn right, and A staircase is the first on your right.

At precisely three minutes before the start time of the supervision, and no earlier, enter A staircase, wearing a mask as usual. Sanitize your hands using the dispenser ahead. Go up all of the stairs, giving way to people coming downstairs and staying socially distanced (as the signs remind you) until you are on the fourth floor. Do not touch the banisters on the way up. Go through the door on your right, which is A45; it will be open. I'll show you where you can sit. Mind the low beams.

Selwyn students may be aware that the College protocol involves waiting for a message via MS Teams before entering a building for a supervision. I'm not sending those messages; you should consider yourself summoned at three minutes before the start time.

Covid-Secure Supervisions

Before each supervision I'll sanitize table surfaces and parts of chairs (though not chair legs or fabric---try not to touch touch those). Windows will be open. Inside the college building, you may take your mask off only when seated in the supervision room, and then only provided all students are happy with that---if anyone prefers masks to be worn, we shall all wear masks throughout (unless exempt). You must leave the seating 2m apart, unless you belong to the same household as the other students in the supervision.

It's important for safety that students only enter the building when the room will be ready for them. Make sure that you follow the instructions for the appropriate room above, and do not enter the building until the correct time.