Supervisions: Times and Places


All regular supervisions are over for the year and there should be nothing more to hand in. In the unlikely event that you need to get anything to me it should go to Selwyn; I shan't now visit the other colleges until October...


You can hand in work at the porters' lodges of Selwyn, Corpus Christi, or Trinity Hall. (It doesn't matter which college you belong to.) Work should be presented as follows. Each step is important.

If you prefer you can use an exercise book. If you do this, please make sure that it isn't larger than A4, is only used for work that you hand in to me, and has both your name and my name on the front.

It is better not to put the work in any sort of folder, envelope, or pouch. If you really, really want to use one, then at least make sure that your name is on it (as well as on your work), and that it is not bigger than a C4 envelope (which is 229mm by 324mm). If I get oversized or un-named folders, envelopes, or pouches, I will probably either throw them away, or staple them to the work in a way that you may find inconvenient.

Where and When to Hand in Work

You can hand in work as early as you like, but don't hand it in after the deadline or I might not have it for the supervision.

The times below were for Easter term 2019.

Place (Porters' Lodge)Selwyn CollegeCorpus Christi CollegeTrinity Hall
Deadline for handing in work if supervision is on......Monday7pm on Sunday4pm on Friday6.45pm on Sunday
...Tuesday6.30pm on Monday10am on Monday6.45pm on Sunday
...Wednesday6.30pm on Tuesday10am on Monday6.45pm on Tuesday
...Thursday7pm on Wednesday4pm on Wednesday6.45pm on Wednesday
...Friday6.30pm on Thursday4pm on Wednesday6.45pm on Thursday
...Saturday7pm on Friday4pm on Friday6.45pm on Thursday

If I make any of the deadlines earlier or remove any options I'll e-mail everyone who's likely to be affected (well in advance). I don't expect you to check this page regularly for updates.

What to Do if You Miss All of the Deadlines

There are no options for getting work to me apart from those listed above. I do not want work submitted by e-mail, and I will not make extra collections. (I spend enough time collecting work from different colleges as it is!) If you miss the deadline at the college where you usually hand in the work, look in the table to see if there is a later deadline at a different college that you could use instead. If not, then just bring the work with you to the supervision, and we can look over it then. (It is very important not to make a habit of this, though, and if you fail to hand in work, your Director of Studies may well want to know why.)